Wedding Ceremonies

I love weddings and feel that I can bring a fresh approach to the preparation and delivery of a unique ceremony to help make your wedding celebration truly memorable. I believe that your wedding should be as individual as you are and will work with you to help you plan the perfect ceremony for you, your family and friends. I also attend to all the paperwork and legal requirements for your marriage.

To make sure you are completely happy with me as your celebrant, I provide a no-obligation first meeting to discuss your initial ideas for your ceremony.

My own family is very multicultural and I recognise the importance of observing and preserving valuable aspects of your heritage. I am happy to help you incorporate your family and cultural traditions into your ceremony.

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Commitment Ceremonies

Many couples love each other but either choose not to marry or are unable to marry under Australian law. Suitable for both heterosexual and same gender couples, a non-legally binding commitment ceremony provides a couple with an opportunity to publicly declare their love for each other and share their love with family and friends.

I can assist you to design a unique and personalised celebration to express your love. Using a similar format to a wedding ceremony, I can help you write a ceremony that reflects your commitment and love for each other. As a Civil Partnership Notary, I am able to legally register Civil Partnerships with Births, Deaths and Marriages Queensland.

I support marriage equality and look forward to the day when all couples are free to marry in Australia.

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Renewal Of Vows

The renewal of vows ceremony celebrates your ongoing love for your partner. Although it is often celebrated on a milestone wedding anniversary such as the 10th, 20th or 25th, you can use this ceremony at any time to express your love for each other, and, if you wish, share your relationship with your family and friends. This celebration is not legally binding.

The ceremony can be as individual as you are. You can renew the vows you made when you married or you can choose to write new vows and create promises and dreams for your future together. Your renewal of vows can be performed in any place that is special to you. I will help you choose readings and write a ceremony that reflects the special relationship you share.

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Naming Ceremonies

A name is one of the most important things we possess, so a naming ceremony can be a wonderful way to welcome a new baby or an older child or adult who is adopting a new name into your family and into your wider circle of friends and relatives. It reminds your friends and family of the responsibilities that go with raising a child and of the joys that a child can bring.

Although the ceremony is generally non-religious, we can work together to incorporate your special cultural traditions and beliefs to make your naming ceremony memorable and unique.

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