Paperwork Only Weddings

If a grand, fancy and public wedding with bright colours and a big spread doesn’t appeal to you, that’s completely fair, these may not be everyone’s taste. Whether it’s a case of saving money or simply that you prefer an intimate event that gets you and your partner hitched with as little fuss as possible, paperwork only weddings can tick all the legal boxes, without having to arrange anything else. Looking to know about the most up-to-date marriage license requirements? Read on!

Let’s chat about making your next occasion unforgettable!

The stress-free, quick and simple results that paperwork only ceremonies offer can be a welcome delight if you have already made the lifelong decision to be with your partner. If all you want to get out of the way is the required paperwork to get recognised by Australia as a married couple, a paperwork only wedding will hit the spot.

What you need for a wedding – The basics

The paperwork only ceremony can take place in a café, restaurant, or even out in nature at a location that is meaningful to you. All that is needed are two witnesses and the legal documents to be brought in for signing by you and (if you choose me) myself! I can provide further information on the exact documents required once we’re in touch.

Why have a paperwork only wedding?

If you want to be legally married without the ceremony, a paperwork only wedding is the simplest solution. No fuss, no stress and in less than an hour you’ll be married and have the rest of your day (not to mention your life) ahead of you!

Although the occasion is small and intimate, you’re still more than welcome to draft your own personal vows to add your own DNA on the occasion. Paperwork only doesn’t mean no romance!

If you’d like the quick, simple and affordable way to be married in the eyes of the law, please reach out and allow me to help you tick all the legal boxes and start married life as soon as possible. Or, for other cost-saving weddings let’s chat about themed weddings, beach weddings and backyard weddings!

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