Rustic Weddings

You’ve fallen head over heels in love with the idea of a

rustic wedding

but are not sure what it involves in a practical sense. Having worked with many couples who have opted for a rustic theme, I can safely say the results always blow me away. A rustic theme is a broad umbrella term that could include a garden backdrop, to a vintage style setting.  Rustic weddings are becoming popular in 2018 as couples look for ways to have a relaxed ceremony that doesn’t sacrifice the romance.

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Dreaming of a rustic wedding?

Do you love the idea of getting married amid organic textures, earthy tones, and natural shapes? These are some of the features that make a themed ceremony so special. This is a wedding that makes use of barn-inspired elements, like wood colour, and repurposed objects, to add a feeling of the countryside to the ceremony.

I have worked with many couples to bring their wedding ceremony ideas to life, and I have a profound sense of joy knowing I’ve played a small part in a much greater occasion. Based in beautiful Brisbane, I have celebrated weddings throughout the wider Queensland region and if you’re considering your own rustic wedding, I’d love to have a chat and see how I can add a rustic celebrant touch.

Simple and stunning

‘Simple’ is a very broad term and, quite ironically, when put together a simple decor is still beautiful. A rustic wedding has a wonderful ‘down-to-earth’ feel that creates an inclusive atmosphere for all present. It’s almost impossible to not feel a part of the day at a rustic wedding!

If you love the vintage feel of a ceremony and want to combine the best of a countryside wedding with modern touches, a rustic wedding is an exceptional choice. To learn more about how I can help as your celebrant, please reach out and speak to me today!

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