Second Chance Wedding

When it comes to a

second wedding

, it’s almost like everyone has an opinion.

“Don’t wear white”

“Don’t make it as fancy”

“Don’t follow the same traditions”

As an experienced celebrant I’ve realised there’s one person and one person only who should decide how to plan their second wedding – and that’s you! A second wedding is a chance to start a new journey. No matter what twists and turns your life has taken up until this point, the beauty of a second wedding is that you have a clear picture of previous occurrences. So you know what to do the same and what to do differently! It’s an entirely personal choice, and there are no rules.

Let’s chat about making your next occasion unforgettable!

A second wedding is a second celebration!

A second wedding can be of the same format as your first wedding ceremony, or you can opt for something completely different like a themed wedding or a relaxed beach wedding. You can incorporate new vows that reflect your new partnership, or keep things short and sweet so the after-party comes all the sooner. I’m always willing to include readings and ceremony rituals that are important to you. If there are children involved you may wish to include them, whether reading a poem or as part of the ceremony.

Your day. Your way.

If your first wedding was an intimate affair or an elopement, you may wish to go all out with a more extravagant event. In the same way, if your first wedding was an all out event, your second wedding may be a quieter, and close occasion.

You also have the option of including anyone important in the day, whether raising a toast or as a ringbearer, if the love in your life has multiplied, then a second wedding is an opportunity to bring everyone together.

I’m always available to chat to discuss your second wedding ideas, so please get in touch to learn more!

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