Steps To Getting Married

Things needed for a wedding? To find the right dress, find the right venue, and find a way to keep the groomsmen in line on the big day. Thankfully, getting married in Australia is actually quite simple! All you have to do is follow these simple steps to getting married to ensure you get hitched without a hitch. Or, if you’d like a paperwork only wedding, then this information can help kickstart the next phase of your life!

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1. The Notice of Intended Marriage Form (NOIM)

The first step in your marriage certificate procedure, as soon as you and your partner decide to marry, you’ll have to consider when to fill out a Notice of Intended Marriage Form (NOIM). For a legally binding civil marriage this must be placed with a celebrant at least one month prior to your wedding but can be filed up to 18 months in advance. This will be forwarded to the Births, Deaths and Marriages registry for government records (don’t expect a gift though) following your wedding as the first step in getting your Marriage Certificate.

2. Present your personal details to the Celebrant

You should present your original identification documents (ID, passport, drivers license or even a birth certificate) to the marriage celebrant. Additionally, if you have had a previous marriage that’s ended in divorce, you should also present the divorce certificate(s) to your celebrant.

Afterwards, your celebrant drafts a declaration of “No legal Impediment to Marry” which shows that you are of legal age for marriage and have no legal restrictions. You can then sign this document any time before the wedding date.

3. The wedding plan

Schedule a meeting with your marriage celebrant to discuss the final details of your marriage. You can share any ideas of your dream wedding while your celebrant gives their experienced opinion on how to make it more spectacular. It’s a marriage brainstorm that’s always a lot of fun!

4. The wedding ceremony

On the wedding day itself, all your meticulous planning will now fall into place. The wedding procession will lead to the podium with the couple, a minimum of two witnesses along with the marriage celebrant. Keep in mind, while these are the basic requirements, you can tailor your wedding ceremony in any way that you like!

The celebrant will then present the celebrant authority speech followed by your wedding vows. The celebrant, witnesses and couple then sign the required marriage documents. One certificate is sent to the registering authority while the celebrant and the couple keep the other two.

After the wedding, the marriage celebrant then sends all the required paperwork to various government bodies to confirm and register your marriage.

In these simple steps to getting married it’s just a few moments of boring paperwork that is necessary to make sure your wedding ceremony is fun-filled and stress-free!

If you’ve been thinking about the wedding of your dreams and you’re still looking for an experienced professional celebrant, then reach out for a chat. I’d love to hear from you and see how I can help!

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