Vineyard Weddings

Planning for a wedding can be both fun and a little hectic, especially if the ideas you want to incorporate are not commonly found in traditional weddings. If you want the striking beauty of an outdoor wedding, but don’t want the hassles that come with planning every little detail, then a

vineyard wedding

 is ideal! A vineyard wedding has so much that makes it beautiful in addition to being unique. A rustic setting, lush green leaves, and fine wine are just some of the features that will make you fall in love with your own vineyard wedding.

Let’s chat about making your next occasion unforgettable!

Wineries make perfect wedding venues, though people rarely give thought to the many wonderful reasons why. When carefully thought out the experience is simply unforgettable.

However, there is more planning that goes into a vineyard wedding because of the changing seasons.

Seasonal settings

Although vineyards look attractive all year-round, some aesthetic values are not available during some seasons. Lush green leaves and cascading grape bunches are visible before harvesting time in August. Vineyard staffs can best explain to you how the vineyard appearance changes with seasons, and you can decide when to hold your wedding based on this information.

Wine and dine

Winery wedding options don’t just make for amazing photographing options, and they’re popular not just because of the close proximity to wine (though that is a definite bonus!). Some of the most popular reasons to have your own vineyard wedding include:

  • Relaxed and highly elegant: A super elegant setting, that’s laid back and easy going. That’s a wedding ceremony win-win!
  • One location: Instead of organising a wedding venue for the ceremony and reception, your winery wedding can play host to both!
  • Abundance of light: Natural light is a photographers best friend. Trust me, they’ll thank you when it’s time to get out the cameras.
  • Wet weather backup: Fingers crossed rain never strikes on your wedding day, but if the worst does happen and the clouds open up, most wineries have an indoor option that can play saviour.

If you’re thinking about a winery wedding, now is the perfect time to call. Providing the perfect location for same-sex weddings or vow renewals, a vineyard wedding is only a phone call away!

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