Vintage Weddings

Glamour, romance, substance and stylish accessories. These are all hallmarks of a stunning

vintage wedding

that can transport you, your partner and your entire guest list back through time! You can elegantly bring back the memories of a bygone era through a vintage wedding that simply oozes romance and sophistication. Your wedding planning does not have to be based on modern-day specifications either. Various themes can be incorporated into your wedding to break the monotony of the same old, put a modern twist on a vintage theme, the choice is yours!

Let’s chat about making your next occasion unforgettable!

Stunning vintage wedding ideas

From decorations, furniture elements, to accessories, you can style up your ceremony to bring to life the aesthetic value of a time in history that’s important to you. There’s no set style or theme for a true vintage wedding, so you can always combine of the eras that appeal to you.

Vintage weddings are commonly expressed through hairstyles, makeup choices, floral collections, the wedding cake, and decorations. Having worked with many young couples who have transformed their day to reflect the roaring 1920’s or the days of Classic Hollywood, I’ve seen first hand the fun and fresh atmosphere that a retro wedding can bring.

Vintage meets modern

The term ‘vintage’ has become something of a catch-all in 2018, and there’s been a noticeable trend in brides who want to incorporate some aspect of an antique wedding into their day. If you are considering a vintage wedding then ask yourself, ‘what aspect of vintage style is important to me?’.

A wedding should always reflect you and your partner, so whether that’s a minimalist style in your home’s backyard, a lavish event in a traditional ceremony, a rustic and hearty affair surrounded by nature, or something else entirely, you can add as much or as little ‘vintage’ flair as you like!

If you’re thinking of a vintage wedding, you’ll need a celebrant who understands the importance of every little details. With years of experiencing guiding couples towards a married life together, I’d be thrilled to help!

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