Renewal of Vows Ceremony

As a married couple, there are many reasons why you may choose to renew your vows. These may include on an important anniversary or following a difficult time that you’ve endured as a couple. You may also choose to do it to include friends and family members who could not attend the original wedding. You may wish to proclaim your continued love to each other and the commitment to the vows you’ve taken previously. No matter what reasons you have, a vow renewal ceremony is a public declaration of your lasting love and commitment. After everything you’ve been through, it’s your chance to say “I do” all over again!

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Tailor your vow renewal ceremony your way!

Unlike a wedding, during a renewal of vows, there is no legally binding aspect. Which gives you even more freedom to tailor the day as you like. Having said that, you can still replicate the traditional wedding frills and trills if you like. As far as legalities are concerned, you and your partner, along with two witnesses nominated by you, sign a reaffirmation of marriage vows certificate and from there it’s party time.

As a couple, you can include the wording and vows from your original ceremony if you wish and even exchange the same wedding ring to connect the past with your present. However, some couples may prefer to have a new set of rings, or rewrite their vows, the decision really is up to you.

Got vow renewal ideas? I’d love to hear them!

Wedding renewal ideas are at the centre of a memorable vow renewal ceremony. From new dresses to a chance to hear speeches that don’t mortify you, whatever way you picture your ceremony, a vow renewal is the perfect way to affirm your love and celebrate the occasion all over again.

The only thing left to arrange is a vow renewal celebrant, which I would love to assist with! I’m available Queensland wide so please reach out and let’s chat today!

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