After Wedding Name Change

Changing name after the wedding, have you thought about it yourself? Post wedding name change is one of the things many couples look forward to once they get married. One or both partners changing their name after the wedding may act as a symbol of unity in their marriage.

Traditionally, a bride was expected to relinquish her maiden name for her husband’s after the ceremony, but today either partner can adopt their spouse’s name or opt to create a new surname by combining their last names. It is also possible for either or both partners to adopt an entirely new name. No matter what type of wedding ceremony you choose, Ceremonies with Bronwyn is here to help you get through the process seamlessly.

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Changing name after wedding: is it mandatory?

You are not required by law to change your name after marriage. However, you can decide to drop your maiden name if you desire. As a marriage celebrant, I always advise couples that making a name change is a very personal decision.

If you opt to drop your previous name after the wedding, there are three main name change options you can consider. First, you may take the last name of your spouse. The second option would be creating a surname that combines both your last names. Lastly, you can use both your last names in varying circumstances. This final option is common for couples who want to adopt names for social or personal reasons but still retain their birth names in professional circles.

What you require for a post-wedding name change

Going through the name changing process can be a hassle if you don’t know where to start. The only legal document you need to change your name, on everything from your driver’s license to your passport, is the Official Certificate of Marriage issued by the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages of the state in which you were married. This is legal proof that you are married and buying this certificate makes changing your name relatively simple. Before your wedding, I will ask you whether you wish to purchase the Official Certificate of Marriage and I can lodge your application at the same time that I submit your marriage paperwork to the BDM immediately after the ceremony. After your marriage is registered, the BDM will contact you to arrange payment for the Official Certificate of Marriage. After they receive your payment, the BDM will issue your certificate and post it to you. The time taken to do this varies, but it is usually less than four weeks.

If you’d like more information on your own name changing process, or have any other questions regarding my services available, please don’t hesitate to reach out and give me a call!

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