With a Brisbane wedding on the horizon, there’s a lot to plan. You’ve found your perfect partner, but what about the decor? Or the music? A photographer? What about a seating plan? While these seem like vital decisions, the truth is they can be left until later in the planning. What you have to decide is your celebrant! As a warm, professional and fun-loving celebrant with considerable experience, I’d love to put my hand up!

Let’s chat about making your next occasion unforgettable!

Brisbane wedding requirements

You are required to provide a Notice of Intended Marriage Form (NOIM) at least a month before your wedding date, as well as witnesses’ names and any relevant ID documents.

Outside of that legality, there is so much creative freedom for you to express your love in any way you like. Can you see yourself at a funky industrial wedding? Perhaps a themed wedding that’s as fun and quirky as you are? Or, do the trills and frills of a traditional white wedding make your heart skip a beat? Whatever wedding style you have in mind, I’d be thrilled to help! I understand that your wedding should be personal and written specifically for your relationship and reflect on the type of couple you are. Furthermore, I will make sure that your wedding is one of the most beautiful relaxed and heartfelt moments that you, your friends and families have ever seen.

Please explore my full range of wedding services as a celebrant in Brisbane, or, to talk about your upcoming wedding, reach out and let’s have a chat!


Celebrating love

Your wedding ceremony should be an extension of you as a couple. I will work with you to ensure that your wedding day is relaxing and romantic, as quick or as traditional as you like. I have a great sense of humour and fun and cannot wait to hear all the creative and exciting ideas for your Brisbane wedding ceremony!

As your marriage celebrant, I will attend your rehearsal and show you what is expected during the wedding. I can also assist in the writing of personal vows, and provide poems, and samples of readings and rituals when required.

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